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    Quick Quotes:
    • Globalization Partners International (GPI) has developed our Translation Services Portal to give users easy, quick online access to a tool which will help them estimate the cost of translating and formatting (desktop publishing) documents. The Quick Quote feature of the portal generates an estimate based solely on the information a User provides. This portal can only provide estimates.
    • The ONLY way to get an exact quote from Globalization Partners International is by submitting source files. Our project analysis team will carefully review your source materials and instructions and provide a formal written quote for your review, approval and signature.
    • Globalization Partners International routinely secures Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreements with clients and prospects before exchanging files. Simply send yours to portal@globalizationpartners.com for our review and signature.
    Submission of Files:
    • All Users of this Portal represent and warrant that they are the owners' or authorized license's of any and all Source Files submitted to Globalization Partners International. By submitting files to Globalization Partners International, all Users warrant that reproduction, transmission and /or translation shall not infringe upon any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, privacy or other rights of any third parties. By submitting Source Files to Globalization Partners International, Users furthermore grant GPI the right and license to reproduce, transmit and /or translate such Source Files to the extent necessary to perform our services.
    • All Users of this Portal represent and warrant that they will NOT submit any files to Globalization Partners International which are in violation of any law, including, without limitation, any criminal, trademark or copyright law.
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