About this Portal

Access to high quality translation services is just a bookmark away with Globalization Partners International’s Translation Services Portal. Whether you need an Instant Quick Quote for a documentation project, or if you would like a comprehensive proposal for a complete multimedia, software or website translation project, Globalization Partners International’s portal can help. This portal is distinctly different from other on-line translation services.

Beginning with your first project:

  1. Your account is assigned a Globalization Services Team (GST).
    This team of human translators, editors, desktop publishing professionals, project managers, and localization specialists is selected based on:
    • Which language pairs you need (i.e., English to Spanish or English to Japanese…)
    • What subject matter expertise is required (medical, legal, telecommunications…)
    • What types of projects you will be completing (documents, websites, multimedia, and/or software).

  2. Your team will use Translation Memory tools so all of your translation projects (source and target languages) are stored and can be leveraged to:
    • Ensure terminology consistency from project-to-project
    • Allow for cost savings on all previously translated text
    • Allow for cost-effective and time-efficient updates to all projects.

  3. You have the opportunity to review and approve every translation both at the translation stage and desktop publishing stage. Workflows that are convenient for you can be established to facilitate review and approval steps.

  4. 24/7 secure password protected access for whomever you authorize.

  5. You can receive instant documentation estimates via the quick quote feature, or exact estimates and estimates for more complex projects such as website or software localization via the submission of source files to GPI.

  6. The Translation Services Portal is completely configurable with an array of On-Line Translation Status Reports, Usage Reports and Alerts to check on your projects, users and schedules.