About Globalization Partners International

    Globalization Partners International (GPI) helps companies communicate and conduct business in any language and in any locale. GPI provides translation services for small non-profits to governments and NGO’s to the Fortune 500. While there are thousands of translation agencies, GPI is one of the few that provides comprehensive website translation services including copy writing, content management system implementation and country-specific search engine optimization SEO.

    This Translation Portal is your gateway to GPI’s suite of translation services including:

    Translation and Copy Writing

    Document TranslationGPI provides translation and copy writing services in a multitude of languages ranging from Arabic translation to Spanish translation. GPI’s translation teams are native speakers of the languages they translate into and focus on specific domains to ensure all content translations are accurate and engaging.

    Multilingual Desktop Publishing

    Desktop PublishingGPI’s multilingual desktop publishing teams have extensive experience in creating, editing, publishing and sharing documents in different languages using Adobe PageMaker, InDesign, FrameMaker, FrameMaker+SGML, PhotoShop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and documents created and tagged with common XML and SGML editors. GPI can work with your technical writers, desktop publishers, publication managers and third party ad agencies to create professionally translated and desktop published documentation.

    Multilingual Web Design and Development

    Website Design Development and DeploymentDesigning and developing a new multilingual website, GPI can provide more than just translation services. Our teams can help you and your design agency in formulating website translation strategy, workflows, content management system implementation and development. GPI can help you with the full spectrum of tasks required to create and publish a multilingual global website from design and content management system implementation to localization and country-specific search engine optimization (SEO).

    Software Localization

    Software LocalizationSoftware Localization, also known as “software translation”, is a requirement whether you are trying to release a multilingual product in order to increase your global market share and ROI, or you are trying to increase your company's global operational efficiencies by developing internal multilingual applications. GPI provides comprehensive software localization for mobile, ERP, web-based and desktop applications.

    Website Localization

    Website TranslationWebsite Localization, also known as “website translation” enables your web presence to not only communicate your messages to the world, but to transact global e-commerce in any language and locale. GPI has extensive experience in website localization helping companies design, develop, and deploy usable, global websites that fully function for the world’s markets.

    Global Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine MarketingGPI provides a comprehensive range of country-specific Search Engine Optimization Services to agencies and end clients. GPI’s global SEO teams consist of keyword researchers, web copy writers, translators, and global SEO specialists. GPI will help clients’ multilingual web content achieve better rankings in country-specific search engines resulting in increased traffic and ROI with language version websites.

    To learn more about GPI, please visit us at www.globalizationpartners.com